Where To begin With Conservatory Roofs?

Some people also take the opportunity to refurbish their existing conservatory; underfloor heating is a real favourite and this could be the time to upgrade some of the glass too or perhaps add a wood-burning stove. The only time the cost is possibly unjustifiable is if you have a very small conservatory; a solid roof can sometimes detract from the appearance and the structure is unlikely to support it anyway. Modern double glazing materials can remedy many of the old problems with a standard glass roof such as thermal regulation and temperature control and, new self-cleaning glass products can even keep them clear of smudges, marks and the build up of dirt. A glass or polycarbonate roof is the most common method of heat escaping from your conservatory, as hot air rises allowing the heat to escape. Our products can be altered to adjust the amount of heat and light you want in your conservatory, especially our Livinroof and Ultrasky products.

This will be subject to the amount of equity in your home as this sum will be extending your mortgage and also the requirement that you pass your lender’s affordability criteria. Subject to any building constraints, the decision is usually made based on styling and personal preference. The reason why this is important is because subject to certain criteria, conservatories do not usually require planning permission. Why are homeowners replacing their existing conservatory roofing with a solid roof design? We can then take to our 3d software to begin sketching out a design. If you have an existing conservatory that now offers a substandard performance, this service can be much more cost effective than tearing the whole build down and starting from scratch. How much will a glass conservatory roof cost in your area? Concrete conservatory roof – You can change up your current glass or polycarbonate roof to concrete tiles which could be the same as those on the main house. Not only does it resolve some of the challenges associated with older style glazed or polycarbonate roofs but it also creates a new look to the conservatory more along the lines of a garden room so, an integral part of the house rather than just an add on.

You also want your new roof to dovetail with the colour and style of roofing on the main house. Our tiled conservatory roofs come with a plaster inner finish to the ceiling just like the rest of your house and can integrate lighting to create a natural home extension. This is because savvy buyers know that conservatories can have thermal regulation issues unless the correct materials are used. You may also need building regulation approval which many people don’t realise; this is different to planning permission and can become relevant because of the significant change to the roof. They might be self-defeating if you are after a particular look but there are now solar tiles and slates available which can harvest natural sunlight. Wetheralds through our Professional Partners confirm that the roof components used as part of the overall installation are satisfactory. We can work in any part of the UK and use all top manufacturers materials for our conservatory roofs, UPVC windows and composite doors. They are available in a range of tile and slate effects and really do look the part. Are solid conservatory roofs gaining popularity?

A conservatory has a general lifespan that lasts between 10 and 20 years. Improvahome was founded in the year 2000 and have over 25 years’ of experience in the design and installation of conservatories, tiled conservatory roofs, windows, composite doors, bay windows, Upvc soffits and fascias and roofline products. The roof material needs to work stylistically with your current conservatory’s design. He also runs an architectural and interior design practice, conservatory roof birmingham offering design and project management services. Use our roof cost calculator to work out the cost of your roofing project. These can be pretty challenging and impact on both the appearance and use of the conservatory for its intended purpose. You can prioritise either one of those. 2. Leaks: You won’t easily be able to see the source of a leak if one occurs. Choose Castle Conservatories to complete your conservatory roof conversion and you won’t need to worry about complying with planning permission or building regulations in the Surrey area anymore.